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  Spectacle Frame Eye Loupe
The is a spectacle frame eye loupe with a 5x magnification. Item #ML101

Price $5 

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  Double Eye Loupe
This eye loupe has two lenses, with 3x and 3x power. Item #ML102

Price $12 

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  Single Eye Loupe
This nickel plated eye loupe fits on a spectacle frame.  3x power. Item #ML103

Price $8 

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  Aluminum Eye Loupe
This aluminum eye loupe comes with a head band and has 10x magnification power. Item #ML104

Price $5 

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  Doublet Loupe
This doublet loupe is made of chrome and has a magnification of 10x. Item #ML105

Price $10 

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  Inspection Mirror
6" inspection mirror with 1" diameter glass. Item #ML106

Price $3 

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  Table Magnifier Lampe
White magnifying desk lamp.  This lamp has 3 1/2" glass lens, 5x pwer, and a flexible neck. Item #ML107

Price $30 

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  Inspection mirror
Stainless steel inspection mirror. Item #ML108

Price $3 

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  Sliding Magnifier
Sliding magnifier that has a 1.75" diameter glass lens with 10x power. Item #ML109

Price $2 

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  Eye Loupe
Eye loupe with plastic body and 3/4" diameter glass lens. Item #ML110


Price $4 

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  Plastic Eye Loupe with Headband
This loupe with headband has a 3/4" diamter glass lens with 10x power. Item #ML111

Price $5 

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  Economical Loupe
This economical loupe has a 10x power glass lens. Item #ML112

Price $5 

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