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  • How do I adjust the speed of a pendulum? 

            Raise the pendulum to increase the speed, and lower the pendulum to decrease the speed.



  • How do I adjust the timing of a pendulum? 


             Before adjusting the pendulum, place either a red or a black dot where the pendulum nut enters the front of the pendulum.  Use the dot to determine the length of one full turn.  Turning the nut to the right one full turn speeds up the pendulum by one minute and turning the pendulum one full turn to the left slows the pendulum by one minute.  After adjusting the pendulum, allow the clock to settle for one full week, and then readjust as necessary.



  • How do I adjust the time ‘beat’ of the clock? 


            Level the clock and start the pendulum.  You should hear a distinct ‘tic-tock’ noise.  If you do not hear this noise, push the pendulum lightly to the left or right until the clock says ‘tic-tock.’

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